Subrato Basu

Subrato Basu is a global leader with over 25 years experience. He has contributed to digital transformational initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Some notable outcomes being Motorola DIRECT on-line marketplace, CREDU (Samsung) a digital learning platform, Innovation Labs & Smart Cities for UN, Next Gen Services Model through Commercial and Technology Transformation (SoftwareONE). He has also built C-Level Global Communities Viz. Research Board an Executive Circle, Advisory Board for CIO’s, ESG Board for sustainability officers.

Articles by Subrato Basu

Enterprise splitting: lessons from Toshiba and others

Stock market analysts believe splits are occurring due to market pressure, and that it indicates a trend away from monopolization. However, these spin-off companies will need to pay special attention to their business models if they wish to succeed in their new form.

FinOps: the cornerstone of financial integrity

With the FinOps framework, companies can gain a competitive edge and stay relevant in evolving industries by achieving digital transformation.

The outcome of COP 26 and its relevance to enterprises ESG programs

Highlighting the role that businesses can play in achieving each of the goals from COP 26

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