65 people recognized as victims of border crimes

MINSK, November 19 (BelTA) – No less than 65 people have been recognized as victims of a crime against the security of mankind, the chairman of the commission of inquiry, Dmitry Gora, told reporters on November 19. , BelTA learned.

After an incident at the Belarus-Poland border on November 16, investigators quickly arrived at the scene to conduct a review and take investigative action. “The work is in progress. First of all, our task was to record the illegal actions of Polish officials and to collect evidence of the crime committed. A thorough examination of the scene was carried out in conjunction with the State Forensic Examination Committee, various items were collected including projectiles, soil samples and blueprints, all sent for examination . The preliminary results of the examination were announced yesterday by representatives of specialized institutions, ”said Dmitry Gora.

Investigators continue to work. “The results of the first investigative actions, as well as the analysis carried out, suggest that this was not an isolated event. The illegal actions continued for a long time. The commission of inquiry works on criminal cases and deals with evidence of illegal actions by Polish officials which have resulted in dire consequences, including death. This includes failure to provide medical assistance, forced deportation to the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Analysis of the situation suggests that it is a crime against the security of humanity, ”said Dmitry Gora.

As a result, the Grodno oblast section of the commission of inquiry opened criminal proceedings to investigate this crime on November 16. “This criminal case was then forwarded to the central office of the commission of inquiry. As I was told, this morning alone 65 people were questioned and found to be victims of illegal acts. They are two citizens of the Republic of Belarus, a citizen of the Russian Federation – they are journalists, the rest are Iraqi citizens, 14 of whom are minors (six of them are under 14 years old), women. We conduct interrogations, order expertises to determine the seriousness of the injuries inflicted. We are working with health facilities to identify all those who have requested medical help, all those who have suffered illegal acts, ”said Dmitry Gora.

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