Akpabio inaugurates the SIWP interministerial technical committee

December 03 (THEWILL) – In its efforts to reposition the Niger Delta region to meet the needs of the population, as reported by President Mohammadu Buhari, the Niger Delta Ministry of Affairs on Thursday launched the strategic implementation (SIWP).

Speaking at the official SIWP presentation, Minister of Niger Delta Affairs Ministry Senator Godswill Akpabio, who launched the plan and inaugurated the SIWP Inter-Ministerial Technical Committee, said the work plan for implementation was intended to be adopted and deployed as a coordination tool to monitor all planned and budgeted projects and programs of organizations (public and private) operating in the Niger Delta region.

“It is for me an honor and a privilege to present and officially launch the strategic implementation work plan for adoption and deployment as a coordination tool for the monitoring of all planned and budgeted projects and programs of the organizations (public and private), operating in the Niger Delta region ”. He stated.

According to Akpabio, one of the key instruments identified to trigger the expected change in the region is the Strategic Implementation Work Plan (SIWP), indicating that it is not a new initiative in the region of Niger delta.

“It is the result of several concerted and high-level political commitments of the federal government with the main stakeholders of the region in 2016, designed to coordinate all the development interventions of government agencies and private organizations operating in the Niger Delta region. . Akpabio explained.

He listed the benefits of SIWP, including: ending the era of duplication and multiplication of projects by government agencies in the region, saying that the SIWP electronic portal, an online monitoring system, makes it possible to view the projects underway in the region by public and private organizations.

He noted that the potential benefits of SIWP are enormous for the Niger Delta region and are expected to become more visible and effective when the projects and programs of other key stakeholders in the region are uploaded and all respective efforts can be tracked at using the electronic portal.

The minister listed the task before the committee to be included; review and update of the strategic implementation work plan, support for technical coordination and planning of the implementation of development projects in the region, as encapsulated in the SIWP document and to ensure liaising with the technical departments of various ministries and agencies and implementing the commitments made in the Work Plan, among many others.

Akpabio praised the region’s youth for their peaceful conduct, saying: “Since the amnesty program was introduced by the late President Umaru Yar’Adua and continued under the administration headed by President Buhari, we we had peace in the region. The era of pipeline vandalism is over for good because the youth of the region embraced peace for development.

He noted that the recently signed Oil Industry Law was part of President Buhari’s pledges and demonstration of many efforts to ensure that oil-producing communities benefit from whatever is obtained from their lands, adding “the PIA must recognize the need for a par-in the host communities so that they can also participate and take care of their very urgent needs, instead of going begging the oil companies for certain social amenities.

He also listed the gains of the recently concluded forensic audit in the operations of the interventionist agency; Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), stating that after the completion of the forensic audit, we started to see the completion of projects without awarding new contracts. We have so far ordered the NDDC headquarters building, the police SUP quarters, while in the coming days more than 1000 beds are expected to be ordered by the president of Uyo University in the ‘Akwa Ibom State.

In his welcoming speech, Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs Senator Omotayo Alasoadura acknowledged the cooperation of the UK government through the Stakeholders Democracy Network (SDN) and the Petroleum Sector Transformation Facility (FOSTER).

“You will recall that during the last roundtable on SIWP with stakeholders in March 2020, I suggested the need to strengthen the initiative to welcome and capture projects of more MDAs on the electronic portal and to continue to take advantage of this to accommodate all efforts to develop the region. My initial concern and suggestion was addressed in the SIWP electronic portal presented today ”. said the minister.

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