Aregbesola Commends Committee for Developing NSCDC Training Schools Curriculum

The Federal Government has commended the Curriculum Development Committee set up by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) for its good work.

Interior Minister Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who praised the committee for a job well done, said it was set up to develop a standard curriculum for all courses taken at NSCDC training schools in nationwide for better service delivery.

Aregbesola, who agreed that the program would promote and place the body in a better position, called on them to provide the best globally acceptable education and training.

He said: “Education is generally the foundation of human development, which makes the difference between animals and man. The use of knowledge for the betterment of man to improve his condition.

Earlier, the chairman of the committee and vice-chancellor of Nasarawa State University, Prof. Suleiman Mohammed told the minister that the survey program and report were top-notch.

According to Mohammed, the program was established to further professionalize the Corps to meet current and future challenges, as well as to adhere to international best practices.

He said the committee identified the need for intensive training for all entry level cadres at the Katsina Training School and recommended that the name of the college be changed from “NSCDC College of Peace and Disaster Management to Civil Defense Training and Doctrine College”.

He said there was also a need for specialized training in logistics, communications, intelligence and forensic studies.

“The committee realized that the cadre of senior officers needed to acquire strategic-level training to prepare for senior command responsibilities.

“We recommend that the training take place at the Sauka Civil Defense Academy, which we suggest renaming the Center for Civil Defense Studies,” he offered.

According to Mohammed, the committee observed that there are no documented terms of reference for the establishment and operation of the NSCDC training institutions.

“The Civil Defense Academy in Sauka, Abuja is uncomfortably sandwiched and housed by the NSCDC National Headquarters in land space that is not sufficient for the corps to operate or function as headquarters.”

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