AUS delegation visits Sharjah police forensic laboratory

Sharjah 24: Colonel Eng. Adel Ahmed Al Mazmi, Acting Head of Forensic Laboratory Department of Sharjah Police (SP), in the presence of Lieutenant Salem Obaid Al Khayal, received a delegation from the American University of Sharjah (AUS), made up of Professor Yahia Al-Sayid, Professor Sifan Kanaan, Professor Fatin Samara and a number of university students, within the framework of strengthening science communication and cooperation between scientific institutions.
In addition to a visit to the laboratory branches, the visiting delegation received information on the most recent successes of the laboratory and innovative ways to analyze forensic evidence and identify the most serious criminal cases and the procedures to detect them.

The visiting team was briefed on the latest forensic laboratory equipment and its role in reducing examination time and ensuring the quality of examination results.

Colonel Adel Al Mazmi underlined the importance of these gatherings, stressing their positive role in increasing coordination and interaction between scientific organizations in order to improve academic and scientific cooperation.

AUS presented Colonel Adel Ahmed Al Mazmi with a shield to express his thanks and gratitude for the continued collaboration of the Sharjah Police Forensic Laboratory.

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