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The operationalization of the National Forensic Medicine Laboratory, initially scheduled for 2015, continues to stagnate due to difficulties in purchasing the right equipment for the facility, members of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on National Budget and Heritage said last week. .

The RWF 7 billion facility was expected to be operational by 2015, but the deadline was missed due to a number of factors, including finances, which were not yet available to the era.

Appearing before the Commission to discuss the sector budget proposal for the 2017/18 fiscal year, Justice Minister Johnston Busingye said that while a forensic laboratory would provide significant added value in preventing crime, procurement issues slowed down the whole process to open it. .

“One of the biggest challenges we have with such processes is the tendering process. However, in this particular case, while we purchased labware among other forensic labware, we had to return some of it more than once because it did not meet the specifications we originally had. ordered, ”he said.

However, the Minister explained that qualified personnel have already been trained and that we are looking for more employees to work in the facility and promised that the facility should be operational as soon as possible.

The long-awaited forensic facility will be an important addition in terms of providing scientific evidence while significantly reducing the cost of collecting evidence.

Previous reports from the Rwanda National Police indicate that Rwanda spends around 800,000 Rwf to ship a single sample to Germany or the UK.

Minister for the work of deputies

MP Suzanne Mukayijore wondered why, in its tendering process, the government continued to deal with companies that cost time and money.

“You told us that this material had been ordered and brought back and then taken back several times, is there an end in sight for that”, she wondered.

To this, Busingye said that while it was unfortunate that the equipment had to be returned, it was all in the national interest as they wanted the lab to operate with first-class equipment, so they were thorough in every detail. .

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