Protect yourself with loan untying insurance

Protect yourself with loan untying insurance

The Cogilaw Company 2010 allows all borrowers to compare insurance companies and select the best offer to secure a mortgage

Future Mutuality Group Insurance

The Future Mutualité Group is a mutual group created by and for health professionals. Founded in 1851 on the initiative of the General Association of Physicians of France (AGMF), the GPM is now present in France through 89 departmental mutuals, regional and national. It currently provides more than 160,000 healthcare professionals and offers a full range of coverage solutions:

  • health, welfare,
  • Professional Liability,
  • multi-risk, home, auto,
  • borrower insurance, retirement savings

The bank can not refuse an external loan insurance with equivalent guarantees

The bank can not refuse an external loan insurance with equivalent guarantees

Since September 1, 2010, when the Cogilaw Act came into force, borrowers have the option of not accepting the bank’s group insurance policy in order to opt for the delegation of insurance. The bank can not refuse an external contract if its level of guarantee is equivalent to that of the contract it offers.

Simulate your loan insurance online

Simulate your loan insurance online

Using an online loan insurance simulator, you will calculate in detail the cost and the amount of the monthly payments of your loan insurance. This will allow you to know in advance the impact of your credit insurance on your credit.

Negotiate your GPM loan insurance with a broker! Expert in loan insurance negotiation, the broker Lady can allow you to realize up to 20 000 euros of savings on your mortgage.

  • Guarantees recognized by the lending institutions
  • Membership in 24 hours without health problem
  • Fast and free insurance rate online
  • Quick response to any insurance request

Law Cogilaw

Freedom of choice for all borrowers, opening of the insurance market ready to compete

  • Delegation loan insurance with equivalent level of guarantee
  • Refusal of “external” insurance by the bank must be clearly indicated
  • Loan conditions do not change according to the insurance

Fercum Act

  • Make the bank/borrower relationship clearer; Article “L312-1-2” on “bundling of services will facilitate the work of the banker for credit insurance delegation.

Borrower insurance quote through the broker’s online comparator to find the offer that best suits the borrower’s profile.


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