Corsearch investigates “suspicious activity”; some services taken offline as a precaution

  • Corsearch services have been offline since last Tuesday (November 23, 2021)
  • CEO “regrets the inconvenience” but follows “suspicious activity” on the network
  • Understanding of customer data not impacted; customers demand better communication

Branded service provider Corsearch has suffered an outage in some of its services since Tuesday (November 23, 2021), with the company revealing in an email that it is tracking “suspicious activity” on its network servers that it is investigating currently. Talk to WTR, the CEO of Corsearch says “regret the inconvenience” for his customers, some of whom complain of a lack of communication since the service outage.

It is understood that several digital services offered by Corsearch were taken offline last Tuesday, including the company’s brand search, monitoring and filtering tools. Until Friday, Corsearch customers had no idea what had happened (with a German trademark protection firm assuming friday the outage of several days was due to “maintenance”).

Corsearch sent a “platform notification” email to customers on Friday explaining that its security monitoring service had “detected suspicious activity on a limited number of servers” on its network and “immediately responded to it. contain activity “. The response included restricting access to Corsearch applications and moving the affected computer systems offline. This action “made it possible to effectively stop the activity”. Despite this, the platforms remain offline as Corsearch works with third-party cybersecurity and forensics specialists to identify which applications are secure and what remains a potential risk. At present, the survey suggests that there is “no evidence” to indicate that customer data has been affected, suggesting that Corsearch customers do not need to take any data protection measures. data.

Today, it is understood that the filtering on Corsearch platforms, the search for non-US brands and the Principium Domain Management portal all remain unavailable. Additionally, Corsearch states that brand watch notices “are not safe to deliver.” Positively, it is understood that the brand protection and anti-piracy platforms have not been affected and are fully functional, while Corsearch is offering a free TrademarkNow connection for all clients to search. filtering.

There is no estimated date for the resumption of normal services. In the comments to WTR, Corsearch CEO Satoru Ogawa said “we look forward to being fully operational soon”, elaborating: “Corsearch regrets the inconvenience to our customers of having to keep some applications offline, but we need to work with it first. a principle of security. Protecting the data and intellectual property of our customers is essential to our values. Our investigation into this incident continues as we continue to protect our network. “

For Corsearch, a potential third-party server breach is a headache in a particularly busy year. In April, European private equity firm Astorg bought Corsearch from Audax Private Equity, and a few months later, Corsearch announced the acquisition of online brand protection provider Incopro. This follows a wave of acquisitions over the past three years, including Yellow Brand Protection, Pointer Brand Protection, TrademarkNow, Marketly and Entura.

In the meantime, the company’s thousands of customers will be waiting for services to resume. It is understood that some customers were concerned about “why it took the company so long to release an official communication”, indicating that transparency and more regular updates should be a priority going forward.

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