Council Compensation Committee recommends increases for mayor and deputy mayor positions

Meaford’s council has given its initial approval to the council’s compensation committee recommendations that will see salary increases for the mayor and deputy mayor positions.

The committee, which is made up of three Meaford residents, Miranda Lahtinen, experienced forensic accountant, Ted Mallett, former vice-president and chief economist of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and current director of forecasting at the Conference Board of Canada , and Phil Cant, retired CIBC District Director, made a presentation to Council at its November 15th meeting.

For five months, from May to October, the committee met with the mandate to provide an independent review of the compensation of the members of the Board.

The committee presentation noted that while the compensation for regular council members matches that of 17 comparator communities, the compensation for the Mayor’s position of Meaford of $ 32,200 is 26% below the median ($ 43,730). of the 17 municipalities the committee used for the comparison, and Meaford’s deputy mayor pays $ 26,200, compared to the comparison community median of $ 29,270, almost 11% less.

The committee recommended establishing firm ratios between councilor, deputy mayor and mayor compensation that would see a councilor paid $ 25,000 per year, the deputy mayor position would earn 125% of councilor pay, which would equal to $ 30,700, and the post of mayor would earn 185 percent of the councilor’s pay, which would equate to $ 45,400.

The committee noted that if these rates of pay had been in place last year, it would only have added $ 16,000 to the municipality’s overall operating budget.

Committee members are committed to ensuring that the compensation provided is fair and reasonable and will attract a diverse and representative pool of candidates from Meaford Municipality residents wishing to run for council, and is viewed as fair by taxpayers. ”, Noted committee member Phil Cant during the presentation to the Board.

Council approved the recommendations at the plenary committee meeting on November 15 and will have a final vote on the recommendation at its next regular Council meeting.

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