Criminal investigation: the police will strengthen the forensic laboratory

By Christophe Oji

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Alkali Usman Baba said the police high command was working to strengthen the Force’s forensic department in order to effectively combat crime and investigate.

The IGP who spoke on Wednesday at the opening ceremony of a 3-day capacity building workshop for police public relations officers across the country held in partnership with the Nigerian-German Development Cooperation (GIZ), with the theme: “Crime scene management and conclusive investigation, the role of police spokespersons,” said the forensic service is a vital section of the force that required special attention.

According to Baba, the force was working with GIZ to train police public relations officers across the country on forensic medicine. they would have prior knowledge of the crime scene. They should be able to know what to touch and what not to touch so that the investigation is not compromised.

“Training and retraining are the second thing we need after the workforce. If you have the manpower, the next thing you need is training; the public relations department is a place where the officers of the department must be versatile in administration, operation and investigation. They must be jack-of-all-trades and masters of everything; that is why we need to improve their capacity at the scene of crime; operation and investigation.

“Intervention at the scene of a crime requires a lot of professionalism, tactics and skills, because when they go to the scene of a crime or an incident, there are problems of proof that they have to know how to preserve the evidence and preserve the scene itself, in terms of having a forensic that may require analysis, so we develop their skills in trying to respond to the audience and trying to give them the details of what happened without compromising or not compromising the investigation.

“There is room for improvement in our forensic investigation. Our forensic lab can give us what we want, but in a situation where we don’t get what we want, we may also need help from other sister agencies or those that have it functioning. outside the country. I sincerely appreciate GIZ Nigeria for its endorsement and commitment to sponsor and organize this workshop as part of the organization’s many interventions in building and strengthening police structures and capacities in Nigeria. I therefore declare this workshop open ”.

GIZ Nigeria Director Gertjan Gruijter said the organization will continue to train Nigerian police officers for effective policing and crime control.

Gruijter said the police, as a vital part of the government, needed training and retraining, which GIZ was doing its best to help the force better compete with international standards.

“We have started the training in Lagos and the next batch will be in Abuja. We will support participants in the areas of crime scene management, laboratory support, operational support, human rights and responsibility.”

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