Fraud detection: Nigerian investigators to build forensic laboratory


The Chartered Institute of Forensic and Investigative Professionals of
Nigeria (CIFIPN) announces that it will build an academy that will serve as
training ground of the institute for forensic investigators.

The interim president of CIFIPN, Ms. Victoria Enape revealed in
Abuja at a dinner and awards night held for members and
stakeholders of the institute.

Enape who did not mention where the academy would be cited said when
established, it would serve as a training ground for future

She said potential members should undergo a
one-year training and take three-step exams to qualify for
Professional membership.

She also said that they must be graduated in the relevant fields for
qualify for admission to the academy.

“We are waiting for President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the CIFIPN bill
promulgated after its adoption by the National Assembly.

“Forensics is an emerging trend; it was not there in the 60s when some
Acts were established.

“Given our projection of a pioneer status of CIFIPN, we are
in the hope of acquiring land that will house cutting-edge forensic expertise
training center.

“The purpose of the CIFIPN has been called into question while the
opponents continued to blackmail and even procure the services of
other professionals to discourage the government from

“We are more than ever convinced that the President will
sanction the bill in a short time; it is on this note that we
implore the president to see the urgency that is required in
making sure the bill gets sanctioned, ”Enape said.

According to Enape, the CIFIPN is also working on the establishment of a
well-equipped forensic laboratory for fraud investigations and

She said: “This is not a mediocre project; your support is needed most. TO
at the moment, we are gradually running out of enough office space.

“We urgently need an office that will suit the statute
of CIFIPN; we are counting on your continued support.

“Without a doubt, our highest rated priority right now is
to see that the CIFIPN bill is sanctioned by Mr. President.

Teacher. Samuel Edoumiekumo, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Niger Delta,
Bayelsa said the university will donate a building block to CIFIPN
for his forensic training while waiting for the academy to be ready.

“When she visited us, I told her that my university would give her a
block for forensic training; training will start in the Niger Delta

“So I want this institute to have its training at my
university just like we have ANAN in Jos. Some of us are at
at the forefront of the fight against corruption and fraud detection.

“We need to integrate forensic investigations into our university
system and we can discuss with the National Universities Commission
(NUC) to see how it can work, ”Edoumiekumo said.

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