Gender activists oppose gender identification of human remains! – Decryption – News

Source [Boulevard Voltaire] : Gender activists have struck again: stop, they tell anthropologists, classifying human remains as “male” or “female”.

Too discriminating, no doubt, for our ancestors with indeterminate hairy identity! In fact, say these researchers of the new formula without laughing, to identify human remains according to their biological sex would be scientific heresy since it is not possible to determine how Lucy and the others identified themselves!

Again, that flash of thought sapiens sapiens comes to us from across the Atlantic. Already in August 2021, during a self-centered colloquium, a “trans-led non-profit organization”, the Trans Doe Task Force, protested against “how current standards of forensic human identification do a disservice to people who do not clearly fit the gender binary”. The TDTF therefore proposed a gender-specific approach (broader approach according to gender) from human identification by combing through databases of missing and unidentified people for contextual clues, such as whether the deceased was wearing culturally coded clothing for a gender other than their assigned gender”.

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