Georgian County deploys AwareABIS for suspect identification

Biometric software and service provider Aware, Inc. announced that the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia has installed the AwareABIS Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS).

ABIS is designed for use by the civilian and law enforcement community and enables searches for fingerprints, fingerprints, latent prints and identity images, enabling analysis and Advanced forensic reports, while enabling data exchange with other regional and state law enforcement systems.

The addition of ABIS will help Thomas County officers identify potential suspects locally, no longer at the mercy of long delays in receiving an identity match.

“We are delighted to have AwareABIS at our disposal,” said John Sellers, Thomas County Forensic Lt. “Obtaining a fingerprint match is time sensitive and we are now able to get results in minutes. Having these fingerprint tools is extremely beneficial in ensuring the safety of our citizens. “

The news comes after a June 2020 announcement that saw Aware partner with Iris ID to integrate the latter’s iris scanning hardware into the ABIS platform, expanding its capabilities.

With a flexible and modular architecture, ABIS is able to provide robust biometric search functionality such as facial or fingerprint scanning and processing when configured for law enforcement applications. For civilian applications, AwareABIS is capable of biometric search capabilities through APIs designed for ease of use, from visa applications to border control.

“There has been a long-standing need for a new ABIS product in the market and we are happy to deliver one to Thomas County,” said Robert Mungovan, Commercial Director of Aware. “With AwareABIS, Thomas County now has a biometric identification system that allows it to better manage and optimize its reservation and forensic processes. They aren’t locked into expensive, long-term contracts and of course they benefit from the better control over their data and workflow that AwareABIS provides.

Other key features of AwareABIS include open integration with existing systems and infrastructure, ownership of customer data, comprehensive reporting tools, and the ability to accommodate new biometric modalities.

November 17, 2021 – by Tony Bitzionis


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