HaysMed rewards specialists during Forensic Nursing Week


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“Forensic nurses play a vital role in bridging the gap between law and medicine. They should be present in every emergency room. –
US President Joseph Biden

Violence and trauma happen every day, everywhere, around the world. This week, November 8-12, is Forensic Nurse Week. This special week has been dedicated to honoring the extraordinary work of nurses who practice in this unique nursing specialty. Forensic nurses have the knowledge and expertise to reduce the health care consequences of violence, improve patient recovery, and lower health care costs. As the fastest growing specialty of nursing, forensic nursing helps ensure that patients affected by violence receive expert, compassionate and comprehensive care.

HaysMed is dedicated to providing care to those affected by violence. Serving Hays and the greater western region of Kansas, our forensic program strives to provide prompt assessment, coordinated care, and appropriate treatment.

“In our rural community, it is important that we provide specialized care for patients of all ages,” said Trisha Haskell, coordinator of the HaysMed Forensic Program. “By working with community partners, our goal is to ensure the health and safety of everyone we meet. ”

For more information on the HaysMed Forensic program, contact Trisha Haskell at 785-261-7123 or
[email protected]

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