Hyderabad Jubilee Hills gang rape case: Police hold test identification parade

Hyderabad, June 27: Hyderabad Police held a test identification parade in the Jubilee Hills gang rape case on Monday.

The test identification parade was held at Chanchalguda Juvenile Home and Central Jail. The minor victim is said to have identified the six accused.

Police took the 17-year-old victim to both locations and recorded his statement in the presence of a magistrate. The girl was accompanied by her guardians. Hyderabad gang rape case: All six, including MP’s son, arrested in connection with rape of 17-year-old girl in Jubilee Hills

At the prison, she identified Saduddin Malik, the only major defendant in the case while at the juvenile home, the five minors paraded past her.

As the victim had told the police that she was meeting the accused for the first time, the police conducted the line-up after obtaining permission from the court. Police expect the identification to help them nail down the accused by producing strong evidence against them in court to seek the maximum sentence.

Earlier, Hyderabad police had received permission from a municipal court and the juvenile justice board to take DNA samples from the accused and send them to the forensic laboratory for analysis.

Five accused including four minors will be the subject of DNA profiling. The fifth minor, son of a city deputy, faces only assault charges.

DNA samples will be taken from four minors housed at the juvenile home and from Saduddin Malik, the only adult in the case who is housed at Chanchalguda central prison.

The DNA match is seen as crucial to investigations into the sensational case, which rocked the state and sparked national outrage earlier this month.

As part of their efforts to build a strong case against the accused, the police are focused on collecting all technical evidence. Investigators have already collected clues from the Innova vehicle in which five defendants sexually assaulted the 17-year-old victim.

The DNA test results are likely to help police match the same with clues gathered from the vehicle. This will be important to prove in court that the gang rape was committed in the SUV, which is a government vehicle.

One of the minors charged with gang rape is the son of a ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party leader and chairman of a government-run body. The SUV would have been assigned to him for official functions.

Investigators, if necessary, can take DNA samples from the victim, who has already made a statement to the police and to the court.

The Juvenile Justice Board last week rejected bail applications for minors. The Commission agreed with the police’s argument that, given the seriousness of the offence, she should not be released on bail.

Police told the court that since the case is at the investigation stage, if minors are released on bail, they may try to influence witnesses. The court was also told that the minors’ parents, who hold influential positions in society, may try to obstruct the investigation.

Six defendants were arrested earlier this month for the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl in a car on May 28 in the upscale Jubilee Hills neighborhood.

They had framed the victim after a party in a bar and after offering her a lift, sexually assaulted her.

The police questioned the defendants in their custody and proceeded to reconstruct the scene.

A power test was conducted on five defendants involved in the gang rape. The test established that they are capable of engaging in sexual acts.

Saduddin Malik and four minors were convicted under Sections 376 D (gang rape), 323 (causing bodily harm), Section 5(G) (gang penetrating sexual assault on a child) read with Section 6 of the protection of children. of the Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO), 366 (kidnapping of a woman) and 366 A (power of attorney for a minor girl) and section 67 of the Information Technology Act.

According to the police, the accused could face a sentence of at least 20 years or a life sentence or even the death penalty.

The sixth minor was not involved in the rape but he kissed the victim in the car. He was convicted under IPC Section 354 (criminal assault or force against a woman with intent to outrage her modesty), 323 and Section 9(G) read with 10 of the POCSO Act . He faces 5 to 7 years in prison.

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