Goal :

ICT Cybersecurity Technical Specialists will establish, manage and administer the organization’s ICT security policies and procedures to ensure that prevention and recovery strategies are in place and to minimize the risk of internal security threats and external.


  • 4+ years of IT security experience, specializing in incident investigation and threat hunting using various tools and techniques.
  • Ability to conduct an investigation from start to finish, including switching between data types and correlating events.
  • Understand the attack life cycle.
  • Experience using SIEM platforms and technologies.
  • Understanding of TCP/IP and networking concepts.
  • Knowledge of IT security controls (Network IPS, Vulnerability Scanning, Endpoint Protection, Firewalls, Cloud Access).
  • Experience in responding to phishing emails, malware analysis, network attacks and network traffic analysis.
  • Familiarity and understanding of basic SQL and KQL queries.
  • Good knowledge of Windows and Linux, etc.
  • Relevant industry security certifications such as: Security+, Network+, CySA+, other Blue Team training and certifications.

Preferred / Advantageous:

  • CISO
  • Exposure to different cloud services (Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, etc.).
  • Knowledge of Pentest/Red Team.
  • Previous experience in the Security Operations Center.
  • Other relevant technology certifications, for example, Cloud Administrator Associate.
  • Use of forensic analysis tools, e.g. Autopsy, Caine, SIFT


  • Develop an ICT Cybersecurity Roadmap for the Chief Director: ICT Approval, once initial technical testing of all ICT environments has been completed, to indicate cybersecurity prioritization.
  • Define the necessary tools aligned with the identified cybersecurity priorities.
  • Implement cybersecurity monitoring tools as needed, according to the priorities defined by the approved ICT cybersecurity roadmap.
  • Support ICT teams in responding to security incidents.
  • Responsible for improving the security of application and infrastructure systems
  • Integrate security practices into the SDLC and DevSecOps according to the guiding principles of “left shift” and “security by default”.

Duration: 12 months fixed term

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