LIVE | Parliament fire: the sprinkler system was “fully functional”, according to a committee

The case against Zandile Christmas Mafe, the man accused of starting the massive fire in Parliament on Sunday, has been postponed. Mafe was arrested by members of the Protection and Security Services, a division of the police service responsible for security in Parliament when they noticed the building was on fire.

When Mafe arrived at the dock, he removed his mask and made a 360 ° turn under the flash of the cameras. Mafe faces several charges, including charges under the Explosives Act, theft, arson and burglary.

The state has requested that the case be postponed to verify Mafe’s information for his bail application. They also wanted to wait for damages to be assessed in Parliament.

Mafe is represented by private lawyer Luvuyo Godla, and he argued that Mafe should be released on bail as he poses no risk of absconding. They disputed that the “poor man” provided all the details to the authorities, and they did not go to establish his address.

“My client denies these charges, and that is why he is pleading not guilty,” Godla said outside the court.

The court granted a 7-day pre-trial detention for the state to collect bail information and inspect crime scenes once they have been declared safe. The case is postponed until January 11.

Mafe will remain in detention.

-Marvin Charles

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