Months later, police fail to secure identification parade of defendants in DSP murder case : The Tribune India

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Bhartesh Singh Thakur

Chandigarh, November 19

Four months after the murder of DSP Surender Singh Bishnoi, Haryana Police failed to obtain the accused’s Test Identification Parade (TIP) from the scene of the crime. The court remanded the case for trial in Sessions Court on November 18.

After filing the challan, the police had filed a parade identification test (PIT) request of the six defendants, Sabbir alias Mittar, Ikram, Bhuru, Asru, Sabbir alias Baida and Abbas.

The court said that “reading the file shows that the indictment, in this case, has already been filed by the prosecution”. “The present request to carry out an identification test on parade filed by the prosecution is not admissible because the investigation has already been completed. Moreover, according to the objections of the defendants in the response that during the proceedings of the case, the defendants were presented in court without muffled faces and their identity has already been disclosed on several occasions,” the court explained.

“Therefore, the request to perform the test identification parade is without any merit, it is hereby dismissed,” the court added, in its order dated November 4. The police wanted the accused to be present at the scene of the crime identified by eyewitnesses. policemen.

Police filed charges against 12 defendants in the case on October 17. On July 19, Tauru DSP Surender Singh along with his player ASI Sanjay, EHC shooter Umesh Kumar and driver Constable Amit had gone to the hills of Pachgaon village. to stop illegal mining. A six-wheeled dump truck was seen loaded with rocks heading up the side of the hill. When the police chased the truck, it unloaded the equipment. There was no license plate on the back of the dumper. But in the front only the HR47A was mentioned.

There were three to four men sitting inside the dump truck. Driver Mittar and cleaner Ikkar allegedly had a homemade gun and pointed it at the police and urged them to stay away or they would shoot them. Others seated inside the dumper allegedly said the police would issue a challan for illegal mining, so they needed to be taught a lesson to stop their vehicle.

As the driver of the dump truck increased the speed of the vehicle and tried to run over the group of police officers, the officers tried to save themselves. However, the driver drove the vehicle over the DSP, killing him instantly, the challan said. It was 11:50 a.m.

The forensic team recovered two cell phones, broken glasses, a blood soaked floor, two rocks, and shoulder insignia of three stars and HPS near the DSP’s body. Shortly after the murder, police arrested Ikkar, the dumper cleaner, allegedly after an encounter. Sabbir alias Mittar, the truck driver, was arrested on July 20. “The accused did not get out of the dumper. So how would three police officers identify them? Not getting a TIP in four months weakened the case,” said attorney Tahir Hussain Devla, representing the accused. Nuh SP Varun Singla did not answer the phone call.

Identity of the accused already disclosed

The present request for a parade identification test filed by the public prosecutor’s office is not admissible because the investigation has already been completed. – The tribunal

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