October 19, 2021

MS Forensic Lab Detects Five Types of ‘Spice’ Drugs

Sharjah 24: The Forensic Laboratory Department of the Sharjah Police General Command (SP) added a new achievement to its previous achievements, as its work teams were able to uncover five known modern types of synthetic cannabis drugs under the name of (Spice), through their analyzes, experiments and research practices, using the latest scientific and technical methods. In addition to exploiting all modern capacities and technologies and benefiting from the human energies of people competent in the field of the fight against crime, in order to achieve the objectives of SP, which are consistent with the strategic objective of the Ministry of the Interior aimed at strengthening security and safety.
Engineer Colonel Adel Ahmed Al Mazmi, Acting Head of Sharjah Police Forensic Laboratory Department (SP), said such success in monitoring transformation processes in the field of narcotic substances is due to the careful research efforts by forensic experts and technicians. Laboratory department, using modern and advanced equipment belonging to the department.

Engineer Colonel Adel Ahmed Al Mazmi continued that the department had discovered five types of (Spice), which are types of manufactured cannabinoids, as part of the multiple research efforts the lab is working on. This is a qualitative leap in the detection of the manufacturing methods used by the promoters, as well as the strengthening of the efforts of the security authorities to combat them, limit the spread of the drug and ensure the protection and prevention of dangers. for community members.

Colonel Al Mazmi added that work is underway on a bill to include these substances in the schedules of the Federal Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, and their inclusion is seen as a new way to limit its spread. in the country.

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