National Crime Agency seeks to bolster ranks of digital forensics specialists

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

The National Crime Agency is looking to bolster its ranks of digital forensics specialists with positions offered at sites across the country.

The NCA recently posted a job posting to hire eight new digital forensics lab technicians.

The burgeoning field of digital forensics typically involves collecting and examining evidence from digital devices, such as smartphones and computers.

Responsibilities for new NCA recruits will include “supporting technical assistance requests from NCA investigators, including transferring data to corporate networks for investigative purposes.” Technicians will also be responsible for performing “laboratory forensic acquisition of items [and] exposures in order to obtain an optimal intelligence [and] retrieval of evidence from submissions, while ensuring the integrity and continuity of evidence through proper handling, storage and documentation”.

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The octet, which will be based at the agency’s sites in Warrington, Bristol, Kingston Upon Thames and Tamworth, will also contribute “active involvement in the validation, testing and maintenance of hardware and software in pursuit of operational delivery”.

Case management duties will include the need to “create, maintain and update departmental records, including operational or program activity spreadsheets, case files and monthly reports”.

New recruits may also be required to “appear in court and testify”.

The technicians will sit within the Department of Forensic Services, which is part of the NCA’s Intelligence Directorate.

“The Intelligence Directorate works collaboratively with the NCA’s Investigations Directorate and its partners to provide a unified crime-fighting response,” the job posting reads. “To be successful in this role, the candidate will need to demonstrate knowledge or a willingness to acquire a strong working knowledge of digital forensics processes and procedures in a laboratory environment. Applications are welcome from candidates experienced in working in a laboratory environment. laboratory, as well as those who wish to undergo training in the acquisition of digital devices.The role holder must be ready to develop their technical skills themselves to maintain their knowledge and awareness of the changing digital landscape forensic science.”

The positions each come with an annual salary of £21,050 and an initial two-year contract. Applications are open until 9:25 a.m. on July 25.

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