Parade to identify suspects tests held on Monday

Published: Updated on – 19:20, Mon – 27 Jun 22

Hyderabad: A Test Identification Parade (TIP) of the six suspects in the Jubilee Hills gang rape case was held at Chanchalguda Central Jail and Juvenile Home on Monday.

“The identification parade took place in the presence of the magistrate and the other officials concerned. The victim was taken to the scene with his guardians and his statement was recorded by the magistrate,” a senior police official said.

Police had written to the court asking for permission to hold the parade as the victim told police she had met the suspects for the first time and said she could recognize them.

Meanwhile, the police have filed a request to carry out a DNA test on the six suspects involved in the case. “We are waiting for the court’s authorization. Once we have it, the samples will be collected and sent to the forensic laboratory for DNA analysis,” the official said.

The underage girl was raped by the six people, including five minors, on May 28 after going to a party at a pub in Jubilee Hills. The suspects, under the pretext of dropping her off at her home, took her to a bakery and then to an isolated place where they took turns raping her.

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