Patiala Bureau Of Identification’s Endless Journey Is A Crusade Against Crime


Prominent international handwriting and fingerprint expert Dewan KS Puri, President of the Patiala Identification Office, Patiala was born on March 14, 1917. Dewan KS Puri was educated at Government Mohindra College in Patiala until 1934. Subsequently he enrolled in the US Distance Learning Program and passed the Institute of Applied Graduate Exam. Sciences. He was trained in various institutes in Calcutta, Phillaur, Cuttack, Trivandrum and Tokyo. In 1936 he created the Patiala Identification Office in Patiala and was its president until the last day of his life. He has written over 9 books and 100 articles which have been published in 32 languages ​​in 28 countries. Its 7 articles were identified as selected articles by INTERPOL and were microfilmed and distributed to the countries concerned. Throughout his life he worked for justice, equity and fair play with a crusader spirit. He is also the author of numerous books on forensic science. Dewan KS Puri has even earned the appreciations and remarks of the Honorable Supreme Court and various high courts such as “A rare expert in the field for giving convincing, elaborate and well-reasoned opinions, regardless of whether it is in favor or against the party hire him ”,“ A competent handwriting expert ”,“ Much more compelling Puri reasons ”,“ Well known for his ability, knowledge, fairness, clarity and integrity ”and references seem to be beyond all challenge and never so assailed ”.
He was also an expert consultant in documents of 40 pre-independent Indian states and expert in government documents, Patiala and East Punjab States Union. He had been a member of the Ohio Association of Questioned Documents Examiners (1957) and an honorary associate member of the Washington State Bureau of Criminal Identification (1958). He was also a member of the American Association of Criminology (1962) in addition to being associated with a number of other such institutions. Dewan KS Puri was the visiting government professor. Taiwan Central Police College, Police Cadet Academy, Thailand, and Judicial Service Training Center, Nepal. In recognition of his merit, the American Association of Criminology awarded him a scholarship and also awarded him the Tenth Annual Criminal Investigation and Outstanding Public Service Award in 1963. Other awards he received were the Crusade against Crime Award. (Belgium) in 1968 and ROC Police Medal (Taiwan) in 1981. His Excellency, Governor of the Punjab, posthumously awarded the Patiala Rattan Prize to Patiala on April 16, 2000. In recognition of his achievements Municipal Corporation, Patiala had named a road after his surname “Puri” in front of his residence as “Puri Road” from Arya Smaj Chowk to Triveni Chowk as a mark of honor for Dewan KS Puri.
It expired on 9.2.1998 after a massive heart attack in Mumbai. In memory of the late Dewan KS Puri, Punjabi Patiala University awards the “Dewan KS Puri Gold Medal” for the M.Sc. Topper in Forensic Science every year. The eldest son of Dewan KS Puri, namely Dr Ajit Singh Puri, is a famous doctor, based in Patiala and the author of the famous book “How to prevent common diseases”, his wife Alka Puri took very good care of octogenarian Dewan KS Puri during his lifetime. , her son Sukhbir Puri is settled in Mauritius, her son Jagjit Puri, IAS (Retd.) settled in Panchkulla and the only daughter Veena Leekha with her husband Ved Leekha is settled in Pune. The other sons Satwant Puri, document expert, Sukhdev Puri, IPS who was the former DGP Mumbai and Sh. Balbir Puri, who was based in the United States, has already passed away. The book “Selected Works of Dewan KS Puri on the Comparison of Handwriting and Contested Fingerprint” was dedicated to the nation by the Honorable Vice President of India Shri Krishan Kant ji on 11.1. .2002 in New Delhi. The second book “Forger is Smart but the Expert Smarter” containing articles by Dewan KS Puri was published by Dewan KS Puri Foundation in April 2003 with a foreword by Sh. MM Punchhi Former Chief Justice of India. Currently, the office of the Patiala Identification Office is headed by Dr Vikram Raj Singh Chauhan, who has remained a partner of Dewan KS Puri throughout his life.
Dr Vikram Raj Singh Chauhan is a forensic scientist and legal consultant, handwriting and fingerprint expert and crime scene investigator with 28 years of extensive professional experience and has advised in approximately twenty thousand cases before various courts in India. He is M.Sc. and Ph. D. in Forensic Sciences, LL.B., MBA, MA Urdu, Graduate Certificate in Cyber ​​Rights, Advanced Diploma in French, Diploma in Computer Applications, etc. He received professional training in forensic medicine from the late Dewan KS Puri, International Forensic Expert and worked with him as an associate expert until his death on 9.2.1998. Dr Chauhan is a life member of the Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences, All India Forensic Science Association, North Zone Forensic Science Association, Indo Pacific Association of Law, Medicine and Science, World Science Congress, Indian Science Congress, Punjab Science Congress, Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine and Federation of Indian Photography.
Dr Vikram has attended various national and international webinars, conferences, workshops, conventions, seminars and symposia and has lectured and presented unique research papers in India, United States of America, Canada, Malaysia, in Taiwan, Republic of China, Philippines, Sri Lanka etc and brought laurels to the country. His various cases / stories / news / solved articles relating to forensic science have been published in national newspapers, magazines and journals / proceedings and broadcast on various TV channels, such as AAJ TAK, Zee News, PTC, DD Jalandhar, All India Radio, etc.
Dr Chauhan’s contribution to forensic research has been of benefit to students / scientists / forensic officers / investigative and law enforcement agencies. He has received numerous state, national and international awards for presenting unique research papers on forensic science as a researcher, keynote speaker and session chair at various conferences, conventions, seminars, webinars and symposia. domestic and international in India and abroad. He received the Flame Science Award from Union Minister Dr Najma Heptulla for his extraordinary contribution to the noble cause of Yeoman’s Forensic Service and research at the 5th International Conference held in New Delhi from 10 to October 12, 2015, the 2015 Danvir Seth Chiranji Lal Prize on the occasion of International Men’s Day for his commendable contribution to forensic science research, honorary award from the American Academy of Forensic Science for my research unique at the 68th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Science held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from Feb 22 to Feb 27, 2016 and State Award from the Honorable Chief Minister of the State of Punjab , Captain Amarinder Singh for exemplary services rendered in the field of forensic pathology on the eve of Independence Day on August 15, 2017 in Gurdaspur. He has also received honors and appreciations from various educational institutions, bar associations and law enforcement agencies for enlightening students, lawyers, judicial officers, the general public and enforcement agencies. of the law by raising awareness and deliberating on the subject of forensic science. Chauhan is also an external examiner for practical courses of M.Sc., B.Sc., diploma and certificate in the field of forensic pathology, member of the study council of various universities and former vice-president and member of the board of the Indo-Pacific Association of Law, Medicine and Science and Social Worker. Currently, he is Chief Medical Examiner of Patiala Trademark Identification Office, President of Indian Forensic Science Association, President of North Zone Forensic Science Association and Vice President of the Association of Forensic Experts.

Author Dr. Jaswant Singh Puri, recipient of Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) and Punjab Ratan. He is the grandson of the late Dewan KS Puri.


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