PLAN FOR THE POLICE | FC Home-led J&K Empowered Committee formed for police modernization

According to official sources, J&K UT officials were asked to submit an approved plan in this regard (modernization including the purchase of sophisticated weapons) to the MHA.

Significantly, according to MHA documents when the “Police Force Modernization” Framework Program was approved in September 2017, a component of “Police Reform Incentives” was included in the implementation structure. of the “Assistance to States for Police Modernization” program. Police’. It was decided to retain a certain amount each year for the granting of incentives to the state government for the “implementation of police reforms”.

To encourage the implementation of police reforms recommended by various committees, an original provision to retain up to 10% of the total annual program allocation was made. This incentive fund has been increased to “up to 20%” from the year 2019-20.

State governments must pay their proportional share of 40% or 10%, as the case may be. Submission of CUs was a prerequisite to be eligible for these incentives.

However, major changes to the scheme have been made since FY 2022-23.

After considering that the impact of the program is not well visible at the ground level and due to the distribution of funds between the components and the states, the program is limited to filling the gaps of the lack of funds. In order for the program to have an impact at ground level, the construction of police stations was included in the program.

As it has been noted that state or UT governments lack proper guidance and assessments regarding latest technologies etc., under the revised MHA (sub)scheme, states or UTs have now been permitted to hire a PMC (Project Management Consultancy) with no more than 3 percent of the cost of technical or IT system approval and UTs were proposed to be included.

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