Sierra Leone: APC 21-Man committee briefs the media

Members of the 21-Committee of the People’s People’s Congress on Monday (May 23) questioned reporters on recent developments since the committee was established on May 13 this year. The committee unveiled its objectives, achievements and the way forward.

In his statement at the party headquarters in Freetown, Alfred Peter Conteh, chairman of the 21-man committee, said the theme of the meeting was solidarity for victory and that the APC is more united than ever.

“I am not fighting the APC but I am fighting for the APC so we must all unite and overthrow the Sierra Leone People’s Party by 2023. The time of ‘I’ and ‘we’ is gone, now is the time to say it all because our fight was to democratize our party so that everyone has a say in the APC and we have achieved that,” he said.

Reading of the press release issued by the committee, the acting secretary of the committee, the Hon. Abdul Kargbo said that in the coming days, the Committee will draw up rules and regulations to govern all internal party elections leading up to the National Delegates Conference and submit them to the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) no later than May 27, 2022. for subsequent publication in the Government Gazette, as required by law.

The Committee will also shortly constitute the other twenty-four members of the Interim Independent Election Management Committee (TIIEMC) in accordance with the Court’s judgment and they will be responsible for the conduct of the elections.

“Similarly, the Committee will appoint in the coming days an audit firm to carry out a forensic audit on the financial activities of the Party between October 2017 and April 28, 2022. In this sense, the ITGC has received bank statements update of all banks that manage the finances of the party and wishes to categorically dispel all unfounded rumors that the party only has 3,000,000 Le in the bank,” it reads.

According to the press release issued, the Committee is to resolve the membership issues in accordance with the court order issued by the Hon. Judge Adrian J. Fisher on April 28, 2022.

The Committee thanked the former cadres and assures all party members of its commitment to work in unison to promote party ideals and prepare the ground for successful presidential, parliamentary and local elections in 2023.

“The Committee will keep the Party and the general public informed of further developments related to the implementation of the Court’s orders and further assure party members and the general public of a level playing field for all aspiring candidates in our processes. internal elections and a smooth and transparent transition for the All People’s Congress Party”, he concludes

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