South Africa: police committee welcomes improvement in crime statistics

The Police Portfolio Committee has been informed of the latest crime statistics for the second quarter of fiscal year 2020/2021, which covers the period July to September of this year.

Police Minister Bheki Cele, accompanied by the senior management of the South African Police Service (Saps), including Commissioner Khehla Sitole, the Chief of Priority Criminal Investigations Directorate, General Godfrey Lebeya and the Provincial Commissioners, told the committee that the statistics reflected a better picture than previous representations.

Although police have reported a general decline in the number of crimes committed across the country, murders and sexual offenses continue to rise. “The increase in murders of women and children is always a concern and there is also a new trend in kidnappings, which includes various categories that include ransom or extortion, kidnapping for rape and as part of embezzlement. plane. Unfortunately, the one that makes the headlines is when there are ransom demands, ”said Minister Cele.

The committee heard that the kidnapping is also known in countries neighboring South Africa. In response, the capacity of organized crime units has been strengthened and transnational response mechanisms have been developed to combat kidnappings.

Saps also reported that the police modus operandi analysis center discovered the involvement of former military combatants from neighboring countries in criminal activities such as bombings, theft of funds in transit (CIT) and illegal mining activities in South Africa.

Police say some of the explosives used in ATM bombings, CIT thefts and illegal mining are being smuggled in from neighboring countries.

The committee was delighted to learn that the crisis in the forensic laboratories of Saps has been resolved. This development is expected to help close the backlog of investigations into various violent crimes such as rape, murder and assault. “We can report that we have reached a turning point in the DNA crisis and this will help a lot in cases of rape, assault and GBV,” said the Minister of Police.

Committee chairwoman Tina Joemat-Pettersson said: “We appreciate the presentation. As a committee, we take the issue of crime statistics very seriously. We also recognize the good work you do and also understand that you are doing this work under very difficult circumstances.

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