Sudan ‘January 17 Massacre’ Investigative Committee Calls for More Witnesses

The investigative committee in Sudan which will investigate the violence used against protesters during the March of the Millions on January 17, says it sent weapons handed over to troops that day for forensic examination, and calls witnesses to present evidence.

The commission of inquiry into the events of January 17, formed by the putschist, General Abdelfattah El Burhan, announced that it had heard the testimonies of the families of the victims and the police, and broadcast a video in which one regulars of the Sudanese army were shown firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The committee explained that it had seized the weapons of the people who had received weapons and ammunition that day, and that the weapons and the video had been sent to the competent technical (legal) authorities for examination and audit.

The commission of inquiry launched a call for potential witnesses via the Sudanese national radio and television. The committee also called on the medical staff of El Jawda Hospital in Ed Deim, south of central Khartoum, and El Bashayer Mortuary, to come forward as part of the search for technical and medical evidence.

Seven demonstrators were shot dead during the March of the Millions on January 17 to the Republican Palace in Khartoum. These deaths sparked a call from the Executive Office to the Forces for Freedom and Change (FCC) to launch a renewed and broad campaign of civil disobedience.

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