The government reconstitutes a control committee for narcotics and other drugs

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The state government has reconstituted the state level committee replacing the previously constituted committee for better coordination and control of narcotics and other drugs in the state. The Chief Secretary will lead the committee, as per the official statement.

In accordance with the statement, the committee will monitor the state’s drug trafficking situation and coordinate between different departments of the state government on issues related to law enforcement and drug abuse. The committee will promote awareness on drug abuse at the state level, implement alternative development programs in areas affected by drug abuse.

The state-level committee will also oversee the use of sanctioned funds under the Assistance to States and Union Territories Narcotics Control Program and sanctioned funds under the National Fund for drug abuse control.

In addition to analyzing the gap in the state’s forensic capacity and closing it, work will also be done, such as setting up drug and rehabilitation centers in the states.

Committee members include Chief Secretary/Additional Principal Secretary, Hospitality, Chief Police Officer, Additional Chief Secretary Public Health and Family Welfare, Principal Secretary Social Justice, Forestry, Agriculture, Trade Tax, Education School, Additional Director General DRI Indore, Assistant Narcotics Commissioner CBN Gwalior, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Rail Bhopal, Postmaster General, Bhopal, State Drug Controller/FDA Madhya Pradesh and some others.

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Posted: Thursday May 12th 2022, 00:39 IST

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