The UK government announces the creation of a committee to assess the age of asylum seekers – JURIST

Britain’s Home Office on Wednesday announced plans to set up a new scientific advisory board to develop a scientific method for assessing the age of asylum seekers. The Home Office says this method will prevent adult asylum seekers from posing as children to fraudulently obtain aid and benefits.

Discussing the scheme in more detail, Home Secretary Priti Patel criticized the practice of single adult men ‘posing themselves as children seeking asylum’, calling it an ‘appalling abuse of our system’. Secretary Patel said these men then gain access to children’s services and schools and put students’ safety at risk. She further claimed that in two-thirds of disputed cases, the asylum seeker claiming to be a child was in fact over 18 years old.

Scientific methods for generally determining age have been employed in other European countries, with selected methods involving analysis of tooth development, X-rays of bony fusion in the wrist or CT/MRI scans to determine whether development migrant’s physique is typical of it. of their stated age. These methods have received endorsement from forensic experts, while cautioning that they provide probabilities and are not necessarily conclusive for all subjects.

The UK parliament is currently debating an immigration reform bill, the Nationality and Borders Bill, which would empower the UK government to strengthen its policies on illegal immigration and human trafficking. humans, as well as introducing new rules for seeking asylum in the UK. The UK granted asylum to more than 13,000 people in the year ending September 2021, an increase from the previous year.

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