Uirab remains optimistic about the prospects for football… the new committee is widely welcomed

Chairman of the newly appointed Fifa normalization committee for the beleaguered Namibian Football Association (NFA), Bisey Uirab said yesterday that they would waste no time in going neck and neck in their new mission, saying their first meeting as a committee was already scheduled for Monday. .

Approached by Sport of the new era Sharing his views on the new task at hand yesterday, Uirab said it was still early for them as a committee to provide a detailed plan for the struggling general of the NFA and Namibian football, but said assured that the days and months ahead will be exciting.

“Although I would have liked to share our plans with you, unfortunately it is still early days and we still have to catch up as a committee. I can however tell you that our first meeting is scheduled for Monday [4 April], and that’s when we’ll discuss most things and also get a good understanding of what we’re actually dealing with as a committee. But we are delighted to have been entrusted with this task by Fifa, and I am sure that the weeks and months ahead will be exciting for all,” he said.

Uirab will be replaced by Afra Schimming-Chase, while Willy Mertens, Esmeralda Katjaerua and Dina Shituula will be additional members of the new committee.

Fifa’s new normalization committee, which will be the second of its kind for Namibian football in less than four years, replaces the expelled executive committee led by Ranga Haikali which included Nettie Cloete, Ingy Hainghumbi, Peter Ndjulu, Ferdinand Hausiku, Shali Amakali and Earnest Joy as well as Kenneth Goaseb.

Local football commentator and sports consultant Olsen Kahiriri yesterday welcomed the appointment of the new committee, saying it was telling that Fifa had finally realized that Namibian football was heavily divided and headed for the doldrums.

“I welcome the new standardization committee; it is a bold decision taken by Fifa. When we petitioned Fifa a few months ago, among the many issues, we pointed out that the current General Secretary was at the center of all the infighting at Football House, and we also said that Fifa should conduct a forensic audit of the books of the NFA. I am happy that Fifa has taken this position and now understands our crisis much better. I don’t want to comment too much on the members appointed to the new committee. All I can say is that we support them all in this difficult task. I’m sure they will harmonize our football,” an upbeat Kahiriri said.

He advised the new committee to make changes to the NFA’s constitution and various bylaws, as well as to set up a duly constituted dispute resolution chamber and appeals committee, as well as a committee of the player status.

“These bodies are very crucial for the proper functioning of football. We must learn from our past mistakes so that we never repeat them again. I remain optimistic that with the new committee we will overcome most of the challenges in about 12 months or so. The new committee is fully empowered to do its job, so let’s work to get our football going.

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2022-04-01 Otniel Hembapu


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