Union County District Attorney’s Office Forensic Lab – Union County District Attorney’s Office

The Union County Attorney’s Office Forensic Lab, located at 300 North Avenue in downtown Westfield, is the facility where physical, narcotic and DNA evidence is stored, analyzed and processed for the purpose of to facilitate criminal investigations in Union County.

The lab was established in 1972 as the New Jersey County Attorney’s first lab. He received accreditation in the disciplines of Controlled Substances and Biology by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors / Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD / LAB) in 2008.

The Technical Unit of the Forensic Laboratory is made up of two analytical sections: the Controlled Substances Section and the Biology Section. The Controlled Substances Section provides illicit drug analysis to support drug investigations and prosecutions. The forensic laboratory is designated by the state of New Jersey to certify drug analysis, and these certifications may be presented at trial in lieu of expert testimony. The Biology section includes DNA analysis, which enables law enforcement agencies to establish human identification through DNA profiling.

The lab handles thousands of cases each year and has been instrumental in resolving many high profile cases, including cold case homicides.

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