Government offers guidance for administration of IAA

Steven Guilbeault, minister of environment and climate change, on behalf of the Canadian government, has unveiled plans to offer guidance on the interim administration...

SecTOR 2023: A call to Canadian IT pros for political action

In his keynote address law professor Michael Geist said the Trudeau government needs more expert advice from the tech sector

Opposition still demands full wording of planned federal privacy, AI laws

Parliamentary committee demands government produce complete wording of amendments by Friday

Bill C-18 draft regulations fail to sway Google

The government’s draft regulations to address concerns with Bill C-18 have again failed to sway Google. “While the Government has publicly indicated its confidence that our...

Search engines, social media platforms to come under Canada’s AI law, says government

Planned changes to proposed legislation are in letter from Innovation Minister to parliamentary committee

Streamers with C$10 million or more in Canadian revenue subject to Bill C-11 under CRTC’s new rules

Last Friday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) wrapped up two out of the three public consultations it launched in May related to...

Champagne squeezed to produce proposed amendments on privacy, AI bills

Opposition gives government five business days to produce proposed amendments

Liberals to add ‘fundamental right to privacy’ to proposed law, but no details yet

As committee hearing start the Innovation minister promises changes to privacy law to meet complaints. Details to follow later

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Data privacy in translation: how Canada’s language industry will respond to CPPA

Any company offering translation technologies and services working with people in Canada should take heed of what this law is all about.